Monday, March 15, 2021

The Dysfunctional Family Reading List

You think your family is maddening?  Just wait...
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Pandemic Lockdown Fatigue 
Dysfunctional Family Reading List
(Modern Drama Edition)
By Laurie Allee
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It could be so much worse

Like many others, my little family has been self-isolating for exactly one year to ride out Covid-19.  Yes, with the exception of dog walks, car drives and a few trips to the drive-through pharmacy, my husband, teenage daughter and I have hunkered down at home for 12 months. (So far.) 

Birthday cakes in several locations
We've had all of our supplies and groceries delivered.  I've gotten so good at ordering things I could now run a bed and breakfast.  (My husband refers to me as "The Victualler.") 

As we've remained at home, we've celebrated Zoom birthdays, Zoom holidays, Zoom school conferences, Zoom work meetings, Zoom seminars, Zoom meetups, Zoom movie nights, Zoom coffee breaks and a few Zoom meetings to tell us how to make the most of Zoom meetings.  In what has to be our most surreal and heartbreaking moment of the pandemic, we attended a Zoom funeral.  

Living in Los Angeles has been a kind of Covid-19 Groundhog Day: surge after surge after awful, deadly surge. With health risks, we're fortunate we can hide out this way.  A year seems like an impossible amount of time -- and it's not over yet -- but we're lucky.  We've known people who didn't make it through to see this odd anniversary.  I'm profoundly grateful for the ability to hide out in a house that I love with the people that I love the most. 

And yet...