Great Audiobooks

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Hear books come to life... Each of these audiobooks is a great listen, but I'll narrow my list down to a few fool-proof suggestions that will please almost everybody...

If you adore novels, make sure to listen to Branson Pinchot's inspired performance of Steve Erickson's Zeroville -- a film lover's dream novel, by the way -- and  one of my favorite books of the last 15 years.  The audiobook is particularly riveting, and I basically want Pinchot to read all my books to me.

Or, you could go for the multifaceted Ari Fliakis as he brings the magical, irascible Telemachus family to life in Spoonbenders.

If you love nonfiction and you're a radical (or want to be one) then please listen to Steve West read one of my favorite books: Creating Freedom, by Raoul Martinez.  For something fun, historical and real-life mysterious, check out Tinseltown.

I love podcasts and regular broadcast radio, but I prefer audiobooks.  They're like epic movies for my mind.

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