She loved being around books.

When we brought her home as a kitten, she immediately claimed the sofa in front of the bookcases as her prime spot.  When we eventually bought a house and made one of the bedrooms into a home library, Mirabelle moved in.  You know how some bookstores have cats?  Well our home library had one, too.  Oh sure, she'd wander around the rest of the house like cats do, but the library was her home base.  It was her favorite place to watch, to pounce, to sleep.  It's a room that despite having bookshelves with hundreds of books feels empty now ... without her.

For 17 years she purred and snoozed and snuggled.  She perched on top of bookcases and never knocked over a single volume, candle or knickknack.  Not once.

She curled up at the end of our library bed (yes, we put a bed in our library... and why not?!) and she liked nothing more than climbing onto one of us when we curled up with a book.

She passed peacefully in her sleep in that room in the late afternoon with light streaming in through the wooden blinds and making the dust on all those books look magical.  She was curled up next to my husband as he read a Chinese mystery story.  On the table near her was a book on constellations and another one of Rilke's poetry.

We miss her every day.

Make a donation here to honor Mirabelle -- and to honor all the bookstore cats, all the strays who wander around libraries and all the indoor kitties who are our cuddly, perfect reading companions.