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Films for Bookworms

The only thing better than reading books is browsing books... and the only thing better than browsing books is browsing books and then watching a film about books! (And then reading books...)

Every month I pick a book-related film to share and watch for free right here.  
Check back each month for new picks.

Now Showing for November:

Kurt Vonnegut: So it Goes

This 1983 BBC documentary explores the life and work of Kurt Vonnegut -- one of my favorite authors and an all-around fascinating human being.  Using interview footage and fictional segments of Vonnegut's alter-ego Kilgore Trout, So it Goes is an exploration of Vonnegut philosophy, wit and humanism.  Vonnegut claimed that he viewed the earth "like a martian." Through this odd perspective, he revealed post-war America like no other.  Watch!!!

Running time: 60 minutes

Check back every month for a new pick!

(My favorite Vonnegut book is Sirens of Titan:)

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