Saturday, August 24, 2019

Love Librarians? Nominate Your Favorite!

(It's amazing what you can find digging around film archives...)
Could YOU have been a librarian in 1947?  

by Laurie Allee 

The fine folks at I Love Libraries are sponsoring the I Love My Librarian award, and I want everyone to know about it.  I once heard someone say that librarians are superheroes without capes, and I think that is the best description I've come across.

The I Love My Librarian award is your chance to shine a light on the achievements, service and all-around goodness of your favorite librarian -- from public, school, college, community college, or university libraries.  Each year ten librarians are chosen to receive $5000 cash, a plaque and a travel stipend to attend the awards ceremony and reception held in their honor.  

Nominate the librarian who means the most to you!  Nominations for the 2019-2020 award are open through October 21.

Go here to learn more, sign up for notifications and even spread the word with the I Love My Librarian promotional toolkit.